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Business Card Landscape

Business Card Vertical

TriFold Brochure Outer layout

TriFold Brochure Inner layout


1.  What is the minimum number of business cards that can be ordered?


2.  Do you assist with creating logos, if so how much does that cost?

yes, $30 an hour

3.  How much do you charge per color requested?

We only print in CMYK. We do not print in Spot/Pantone PMS colors. Full color business cards are the same price as one color.


4.  What is your set-up fee?  Is it a one time fee or is it charged with each order?

$30 one-time setup fee unless you have art files ready to print (see #5)


5.  Can I supply my own digital art files??

Yes, we will waive the setup fee if you supply correct art files


PDF files Viewable with Adobe Acrobat

Artwork Checklist

Computer Color (monitor RGB vs printing CMYK)

Graphics (Pixel images vs vector line art files)

Printed Color (tints, duotones, and cmyk files)

Printing (proofs vs finished printed product)

Resolution (computer dpi vs printing lpi screens)

Scanning (line art resolution and actual photographs)

Trapping Color (overprint, knockout and trap)

Bleed (inside margins, cut lines, bleed)

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