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the photography division of

Amatuer Photography
Photo manipulation (Photoshop)
Art File Prep

Amatuer Photography Prices:

$50 per hour. Will travel up to an hour from Lexington, Ohio.
Additional travel will be charged $8 per 15 minutes. 

I currently have limited equipment, no studio. Email for details.

Photo fees (additional):
Includes: color correction, blemish removal, etc. & saved on a DVD
You can print them at any Wal-Mart, Walgreens etc.
18-22 megapixels offer high res prints
ranging from 11"x17" up to 20"x30"

1-5: $4 each
6-10: $3 each
11-20: $2.50 each
21+: $2 each

 Photo Manipulation, Consulting & art file prep:

$30 art setup fee may be needed for certain projects.
($30 per hour thereafter as needed).
We accept customer supplied art files as well.
(our portfolio includes concept building, designing, layout,
various proofing methods, outputting,
stripping, plating, press checks, and bindery).


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